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Jed Downs, MD, MPH

Madison Manual Medicine is located at 2940 Chapel Valley Road, in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Phone: 608-512-7177

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At Madison Manual Medicine our goal is to assist your body to remove barriers to movement, whether that be movement of joints, connective tissue or fluids with in the body.  Those restrictions can cause multiple types of symptoms and preclude you from having optimal function and health.  The tool we use is osteopathic manual therapy (OMT) also known as OMM (osteopathic manual medicine) a hands on treatment approach capable of interacting with your body at multiple tissue levels.

Applications include:

  • Treating chronic or subacute pain including: headache, tension and migraine, back pain, neck pain, and non-cardiac chest pain.
  • Addressing changes that take place in the body after rapid acceleration or deceleration injuries, such as falls or motor vehicle accidents, commonly known as 'whiplash injuries.'
  • Various sports medicine applications, including treatment for overuse and lingering traumatic injuries.
  • Addressing symptoms associated with syndromes that are otherwise poorly understood by the medical community.

OMT has been used quite successfully at treating the following issues, among others:

Neck pain Back pain Non-cardiac chest pain
Post-traumatic headaches Migraine headaches Tension headaches
Heartburn Bladder irritability Sciatica
Irritable bowel Recurrent ear aches Sinus pain
Repetitive strains  Carpal tunnel, RSI Sacroiliac pain
Groin pain Balance issues Foot and ankle pain


OMT will not be able to reverse anatomic changes such as torn ligaments or advanced osteoarthritis, but it can help your body to adapt and accomodate those injuries, decreasing symptoms and improving function.

Treatment makes use of an array of techniques which are selected to address the biggest impediments to normal function of your body first.  As a provider I then adapt additional treatments which respect your body's response to a new level of freedom of movement.